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Raccoon rescued by Emergency Services after its head gets stuck in sewer grate

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In Soquel, California a curious raccoon checking traffic conditions on Sunday by sticking its head through a sewer grate on the 3000 block of Crestline Way, had to be rescued by Wildlife Emergency Services and rescue crews reported

It seems the little critter overestimated the size of the grate opening or underestimated the size of his own head; because he was firmly stuck by his neck.

The Santa Cruz Animal Shelter was initially called, but this was a job for Wildlife Emergency Services; after all how do you get a raccoon to stay still? Dr. Chad Alves, the veterinarian for the organization, sedated the little guy while the rescue crew removed the grate and cut the metal bars holding the raccoon prisoner.

The little bandit was treated for minor injuries, fed some tasty raccoon treats and allowed to sleep off the anesthesia. He was then freed.

Now if you think this story sounds vaguely familiar, just last week a woodchuck wandered upon the same mishap when he also found himself unable to chuck wood because his little head got stuck in a drain grate in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Workers were able to lift the grate and hold it upright as the woodchuck used his own body for leverage to pull his head out of his temporary prison. Once free, he ran away as fast as he could. What not even a thank you?

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