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Rabidly anti-gun 'Mike the Gun Guy' wants to empower doctors to disarm patients

Mike "The Gun Guy" Weisser, the Massachusetts gun dealer who has perhaps never seen a proposed infringement on that which shall not be infringed that he doesn't like, now complains to Huffington Post readers that physicians are not adequately aggressive in disarming patients who lack the "dexterity" necessary for armed self-defense:

Weisser wants this man's doctor to rob him of his safety
Photo © Oleg Volk. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

One of the critical health decisions for which people might need medical counsel is whether or not to carry a gun. Now I know that the pistoleros who spend every vacation sharpening their skills at shoot-em-up amusement parks like Gunsite or Thunder Ranch don't need help deciding whether their eye-hand coordination will let them emerge victorious from the fray, but there must be plenty of people among the eight million Americans now holding Concealed Carry (CCW) privileges who don't have the physical or mental dexterity that handling a lethal weapon requires.

So people whose physical health is poor should be advised not to defend themselves with firearms. The very people least likely to successfully flee an attacker, much less fight them off with their Krav Maga and Muay Thai skills, and Weisser wants them disarmed. It's probably safe to assume that he's not in the least bit happy about a totally blind man with a concealed carry permit.

And he wants more than for physicians to merely advise patients against carrying the most effective means by far of defending themselves--he seems to want to give their disarmament advice the force of law:

Even though a majority of now states issue CCW on a "shall" (required) rather than a "may" (discretionary) basis, there are hardly any states that do not grant the official issuing CCW the authority to deny a permit if the applicant, regardless of legal background, might use a weapon to endanger himself or someone else. The NRA would probably say that one of their local members should be consulted in cases like this, but you and I know that the licensing authorities will turn to a physician because a doctor is the only professional they can really trust.

Hmm . . . "shall issue" states in which the issuing authority has the power to make issuance of the permit contingent on a doctor agreeing to it? What states would those be?

Wherever they are, he clearly approves, but not all is well in "The Gun Guy's" world:

But this brings up a little problem. Because it turns out that many physicians don't trust themselves to make competency decisions about whether people should own or carry guns.

Yep--it's "a little problem" that physicians with no expertise in armed self-defense are not trying to disarm their patients anyway. Weisser will certainly not be happy with National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea's Physician Liability Form. As David says:

OK doc—you want to advise me? Sure. Just write down what certifications you've earned establishing your qualifications to do so—or let me know if you've received no such training but are presuming to pass yourself off as competent and authoritative anyway. Then make sure you verify your malpractice insurance covers dispensing unqualified recommendations presented as medical advice—just in case I follow it and something goes horribly wrong.

Weisser is hopeful, though. Now that the Obama administration has unilaterally authorized the federal government to once again engage in anti-gun junk "science," maybe more doctors will be emboldened to do their part for forcible citizen disarmament.

Doctors are supposedly guided by the fundamental principle, "First, do no harm." How would they reconcile that noble principle with the practice of stripping the most vulnerable people of their ability to defend themselves in a dangerous world?


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