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Rabbits: Using mothballs in your barn

Quietcreek Farm

Raising rabbits can be extremely rewarding, but if you are afraid of mice or snakes, or both, it can also be unpleasant. If your rabbits are in a barn, you are, most likely going to encounter mice; which in turn will eventually bring in a snake. The snakes are going to come in looking for the mice, so the only way to keep the snakes out is to keep the mice out.

There is a way, that many breeders have discovered, to keep both out, or at least the snakes out and mice under control. Though the smell is unpleasant, because of the result, many don't seem to mind. Store a box of of mothballs in your barn, a zip-lock bag is a handy way to store them, once the box has been open. Every couple of weeks just toss out a single mothball, approximately 4 to 5 feet apart; add one or two behind each shelf and in each corner. Don't put enough out to make the smell overwhelming, but just enough so that there is a light smell. If there is adequate ventilation the mothballs will not bother the the rabbits at all.

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