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Rabbits: Setting up your drop pans

If you keep any stackable cages in your rabbitry, cleaning pans is never a fun job; but here is a way that can add some ease to your job.

Photo 1
Quietcreek Farm

Here is the step by step process to use when cleaning your pans and preparing your pans like this allows you to get the maximum use from them in between cleanings.

1. Start with a brand new pan, or clean your used pan as thoroughly as possible. (picture 1)

2. Spray entire inside surface of pan with Pam or any non-stick cooking spray. (picture 2)

3. Sprinkle a thin layer of pelleted shavings/bedding in bottom of pan. You do not need to cover entire pan. (picture 3)

4. Sprinkle a small amount of cedar mulch on top of the pelleted shavings. (picture 4)

5. Sprinkle a small amount of Diatomaceous Earth over cedar mulch. This along with the cedar shavings helps control bugs that can be attracted to the urine and droppings. (picture 5a and 5b)

6. Sprinkle fly bait lightly over pan; this is a huge help in controlling flies. There are many brands available and many find it helpful to alternate brands; maybe reducing the chance of flies becoming immune to just one brand. (picture 6)

7. Last, sprinkle just a little kitty litter deodorizer; this adds that final fresh scent. (picture 7)

With good ventilation, and plenty of air circulation, treating pans like this can make them last longer and could result in only needing to be cleaned out one to two times a week.

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