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Rabbits ready to show their stuff at LI Breeder Association Spring Show

Rabbits are very good pets and they are not  hard  to take care of.
Rabbits are very good pets and they are not hard to take care of.
Diana Duel

Bunnies and their breeders will hop to it this weekend during the Long Island Rabbit Breeders Association Spring Show at Old Bethpage Village Restoration tomorrow (April 12th). The show is now celebrating its 27th year. In addition to giving owners a chance to show off their furry favorites and win prizes, the exhibition provides the general public with a great opportunity to come and learn about rabbits in a lot of different ways.

“Rabbits are very good pets for kids, and they are not a hard animal to take care of,” noted Mike Kinnane of St. James, NY, president of the LI Rabbit Breeders Association, who will be showing 10 of his Satin rabbits, while his wife Cathy will display some of her Dutch rabbits. Other exhibitors are expected from as far away as Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, including a special “show-within-a-show” presented by the North East Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club. Dwarf Hotots are described as small white bunnies with “bright round eyes.”

Unlike dog shows, there will be no ring for the rabbits to prance around. Instead, they will be carried to the judges’s table by their owners, where they will be measured against other animals of the same breed, size, color and sex according to the “Standard of Perfection” set forth by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Male rabbits are called bucks, females are does, and babies are referred to as kits. All in all, Kinnane said that there will be representatives of 25 sanctioned breeds represented at the show.

Old Bethpage Restoration Village is a 209-acre 19th Century living museum located at 1303 Round Swamp Rd, Old Bethpage, NY (near the Nassau/Suffolk border on Long Island). While judging of the rabbits will begin at 9am, the actual show is scheduled for 10am-4pm. For more information call 516 572-8400.

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