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Rabbits Make Great Pets!






          Rabbits make wonderful pets and companions!  They are a fantastic alternative for animal lovers that are not able to keep larger domestic pets. Unfortunately, just like dogs and cats, there are several rabbits surrendered to shelters every year.

         A rabbit’s life expectancy can range from 10-15 years. They are highly intelligent animals, and can be litter trained as well as leash trained.  Just like any pet, rabbits need daily attention and care.  They need to be handled every day to be accustomed to human contact.  It is always best to hold a rabbit with both hands to support their hind legs.  Spine fractures are common in rabbits that have been mishandled. Their hind legs are very strong and cause pressure on the spine when not held correctly.

        Rabbits are herbivores. Young rabbits may be fed pellets daily.  After 3 months of age pellets should be supplemented with grass, spinach, cabbage, carrots, alfalfa, and lettuce. Bread and certain fruits, such as apples, are also very good for rabbits. Always make sure your pet rabbit has plenty of fresh water to drink.

          It is always suggested to have your pet rabbit spayed or neutered. Altering a rabbit will reduce destructive behavior such as chewing, biting, and spraying. Rabbits are very social animals, and enjoy having a companion.  Without altering your pet, it is difficult to have two rabbits together, even if the same sex, due to aggression issues.  Most importantly, altering your rabbit will practically eliminate the risk of certain reproductive cancers.

          As with any pet, rabbits require a responsible, patient owner. When treated with care and respect, rabbits can form a very strong bond with their owners, and make very loving companions for many years.