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Rabbits -Does a rabbit need supplements

Use the salt lick as part of a hanging mobile to entertain your bunny
Use the salt lick as part of a hanging mobile to entertain your bunny
Diana David, Diana's Rabbit Rescue

The retail market provides salt and mineral wheels for small animals. Rabbits do not require salt or mineral supplements if they are provided with a complete and proper diet which includes fresh vegetables, hay and could also include pellet food. The food in a proper diet will provide all the nutrients and minerals necessary for a healthy rabbit.

Giving your bunny mineral wheels is discouraged. If your bunny is receiving a complete diet, mineral wheels can cause an imbalance in the proper nutrients required for a healthy rabbit. However, providing salt wheels will not harm them and can give your rabbit some entertainment and help with tooth wear. Entertainment for your bunny prevents boredom. A bored bunny is not a healthy bunny. If you decide to give your bunny a salt wheel, attach it to the side of the hutch near the water, or for more entertainment, create a hanging mobile with it and hang it from the ceiling of the hutch. Some bunnies will love the wheel, while others will completely ignore it.

Papaya and pineapple can help prevent blockage and GI Stasis in your bunny, but do not use pill or powdered supplements made for humans. Human supplements contain other ingredients that could be harmful to your furry friend. Small amounts of packaged dry papaya and pineapple (without added sugars) are a hit for the bunnies in Diana’s Rabbit rescue. If you cannot find dried papaya and pineapple without sugar, small amounts of fresh fruit will work just as well.

As with humans, if you provide a bunny with a proper well rounded diet, supplements are not necessary. You can read more about a proper bunny diet in “Feeding Your Bunny” and “Rabbits - Food for a happy healthy bunny.”