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Rabbits: ARBA Convention 2013 part 2

2012 ARBA Convention photo
2012 ARBA Convention photo
Photographers: Pat Hanbery & Melanie McKeever

While many will agree that a trip to the ARBA Convention is a very educational and a worth wild family trip, there are some schools in our country that do not allow youth exhibitors to miss school for a trip like this. The benefits of attending an event like this is discussed the article ARBA Convention; Not all school age exhibitors have the honor of attending. This article also includes a great video of the 2011 convention.

This year the ARBA has written a very nice letter in hopes of helping some of the youth exhibitors get excused from their school, for the trip. You can go to the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) website and contact the ARBA office for a copy of this letter. Maybe by talking to our schools and showing them the importance of these events, more will realize the benefits of allowing their students to attend.

The 2013 ARBA Convention will be held in Harrisburg, PA October 19-23, 2013. That is a long way from Texas but get ready because the 2014 ARBA convention will be held in Ft. Worth, TX! Visit the ARBA website for full details of this year’s convention and keep checking back for upcoming details of the 2014 ARBA Convention.

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