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Rabbids Invasion toys invade Walmart and Toys "R" Us this week

Rabbids Plunger Blaster Plunger
Rabbids Plunger Blaster Plunger
McFarlane Toys used with permission

Rabbids Invasion is an animated television series that premiered on August 3, 2013 on Nickelodeon that was based on the very popular video game by Ubisoft. The show has become a worldwide hit and McFarlane Toys is bringing fans great toys, plushies, action figures, mini figures and more. Starting this week, Walmart and Toys "R" Us will be stocking 5 new items.

Rabbids Sound and Action Figures 2-Packs
McFarlane Toys used with permission

The Rabbids Plunger Blaster Plunger has 15 unique Rabbids sounds that kids (and adults) will have tons of fun with. With the pull of the trigger, you'll get either a Bwaaah, burp, fart, flush, laugh or scream. The more you play with it, the more you will figure out! It also has a prank mode where if you hold the trigger for 5 or 6 seconds it will go silent for about 20 seconds letting you hide it and walk away, it will then start to go crazy with sounds and laughter! It's a really fun toy that all fans of the show can enjoy, it has a MSRP of $14.99.

The Rabbids Sound and Action Figures 2-Packs come with 2 figures, each with sounds from the show. With chicken surprise, just pull the chicken head back and hear it cluck and release it shoot an egg and hear the Rabbids laugh as it launches. Plunger face lives up to his name, simply pull the plunger back and hear the sounds, then let it go to smack him in the face as he yells! What kid would not love that? They also include bonus hang clips so you can add them to your backpack, coat zippers an more. They have a MSRP of $12.99 for the 2 pack.

If army building if what you crave, McFarlane Toys has mini blind bagged figures for just $2.99 each. There are 7 unique figures to collect as well as secret chase figures. You can also get a boxed set of 6 of these guys exclusively at Toy "R" Us for $19.99.

Lastly, we have what every kid wants to go to sleep with, a plush cuddly Rabbid! There are 5 in all to collect and love and retail for $12.99 each. These little guys don't have sounds and are better for younger fans, listed for the 3+ age range.

All of these items should be showing on store shelves starting on April 18 at Walmart and Toys "R" Us.