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Rabbi Karlinsky's Coming to Cincinnati

Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky
Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky

With an eye for detail and a skill for seeing the person behind the exterior, Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky had arrived in Israel in 1968 intent upon learning for one year in yeshivah. After two years at Yeshiviat Kerem B’Yavneh and one in Mir Yeshivah, Rabbi Karlinsky returned to the States and attended Temple College in Philadelphia where he completed a Masters in Educational Psychology. He then went on to make Aliyah (moved to Israel) in 1975 where he taught in Yeshivot for beginners and developed a career as a photojournalist.

Rabbi Karlinsky has been instrumental in the development of several Yeshivot for those new to Judaism. His shiurim (lectures) are thought provoking, profound and insightful. It is very possible to walk out of the room after hearing him speak and feel an intense change in your perspective. He leaves you feeling positive and charged for action. The internet offers vast opportunities to encounter many lectures on a variety of topics from Rabbi Karlinsky’s portfolio of speaking engagements, but these cannot replace the power of seeing him in person.

Congregation of Zichron Eliezer will be hosting Rabbi Karlinsky for a shiur before Mincha and another during shalosh seudas on Shabbos while Golf Manor Synagogue will be presenting Rabbi Karlinsky after Shecharis Shabbos morning and again motzei Shabbos (after Shabbos) the weekend of February 12th - 13th at 8:30pm. There is still time to attend! Shabbos shiurim are free and require no previous declaration of attendance. The motzei Shabbos shiur requires RSVP. For more information, call Golf Manor Synagogue at (513) 531-6654.