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R Kelly son Jay speaks out admitting he is a transgender

Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly
Screenshot from Instagram

R. Kelly's son Jay Kelly is speaking out and admitting something that has shocked the world. On Wednesday, Insquistr shared the news about this big announcement. He went to Instagram to share the news that he is transgender and now he is speaking out about it. Jay even went to his page and was willing to answer questions about it.

Jay was born Jaya, but never felt like that name or sex fit him. He has now changed his name to Jay and is speaking out about it to the world. He was only about 6 or 7 years old when he realized that he was a transgender. This is the first time that he has spoken out about it though.

This has everyone wondering what R. Kelly thinks about all of this and what he has to say. So far the famous singer has kept quiet and is not speaking out. Jay wasn't afraid to tell the world that he doesn't have a good relationship with his dad. His parents are divorced and Jay makes it sound like things are not good with dad at all. He made it very clear that his mom doesn't mind at all.

Mirror shared a little bit more about the relationship between Jay and his dad. He said that dad has not reached out to him at all. This has to make fans wonder if he went to social media and made this such a big deal today to get his dad to react. It would be the perfect way to get the attention that he wants from his famous father.

Jay shared that his mom is very proud of him and said that she would love him no matter what if he was gay, transgender and his sister is the exact same way about it. They are both fine with the way Jay Kelly is living his life now as Jay instead of Jaya.