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R Kelly's son Jay outs transgender journey: Jaya turning Jay, but dad oblivious?

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R Kelly's son Jay has made an announcement to the world that he is a transgendered teen. Jay was born on June 28, 2001 a "beautiful baby girl," who was named Jaya. His mother, Drea Kelly, the television personality, and R Kelly are no longer together and the rumor is that mom is supportive, but dad doesn't know, according to NewsOxy on June 11.

The announcement came via Jay's account on the social network, and people have been asking Jay questions on his transgender journey, in which he seems perfectly happy to answer. While he has to wait until he is 16 to get the surgery to make him into the boy he always knew that he was, today he binds down his breasts to give him the male appearance.

Hollywood Life reports today that when Jay was six or seven he started identifying himself as a boy. This is when she went slowly to he and Jaya slowly became Jay. While discussing his transgender decision online he said he wants the medication and the surgery to help him to become a boy.

As far as family support, Jay's mother told him she doesn't care if he's bi, lesbian,or gay, she loves him for the person he is. Around the house mom and his siblings started to refer to Jay as he or him rather than she or her, which shows the support his family offers.

Jay's parents are no longer together and he doesn't say much about his father's knowledge of his transgender decision. It has been reported that the R Kelly doesn't know. If he really didn't know, he does now as Jay's life-changing revelation is headline news today.

Hollywood Life gave a sort of shout out to R Kelly saying that if it is true that he doesn't know about his son's transgender journey then he needs to get informed and support his child in his decision.

It is great for Jay that his mom is behind him on his decision, there are so many kids today that feel alone and isolated keeping this to themselves. Jay knows who he is and what gender he was meant to be and he is ready to go after the finishing touches.

The sex change surgery and the medication are just finishing touches because he carries around the real Jay inside and coming out with this news is bound to help other teens struggling with sharing their true sexual identity today.