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R.J. Huneke’s ‘Cyberwar’ pique’s studio interest for optioning film rights

As the release date for the novel Cyberwar draws nearer, a recent report marks at least one film representative is already expressing interest in optioning the upcoming thriller.

At this point the possibilities are endless, but Hollywood is calling.

First reported by Rune Works (the Press Relations company representing Cyberwar) after a recent talk with the publisher Pentian CEO Enrique Parrilla, who stated that yes, “an [as yet] unnamed studio in L.A. has already expressed interest in optioning the rights [for Cyberwar].”

As Los Angeles and the rest of the world wait for the book’s launch – possibly in stores as soon as October 1, 2014 – the buzz surrounding Pentian’s first major US release on the fiction market is amassing a lot of interest.

Thriller and commercial readers stand ready: there has never been a book like this!

In the description of the suspense work a grim present or possible future is laid out under the guise of a new regime . . .

It all went to hell when the world’s greatest cyber warriors chose to wage war for themselves and not on behalf of the politicians that hired them. Hackers, they used to be called.

To Xera, William Waltz was a broken spy and a fugitive, manipulated by the Cyber Elite that ruled from Canada to Peru. If she helped him, the Cyberwar could be avoided . . . but the assassin named “Sheetrock” tracked them to use his bio-hacked body to delete them both.

The research on cyber warfare and political protest, as well as a strong female protagonist set this riveting story apart.

The target audience for this book is the readers of commercial thrillers. Cyberwar resembles a cross between Miller’s Sin City and Fleming’s James Bond novels.

The book has been finished and is now a series.

For a limited time, Pentian is still crowdfunding for investors, and readers to help sell the book through their engagement and there is even an opportunity still available to have their name immortalized as a character in the Cyberwar Series. See it here:

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