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R+Co Gemstone creates a jewel of a product for colored hair

My current flavor of the month hair products
My current flavor of the month hair products
Patti Pietschmann

All shampoos and conditioners, I’ve come to learn, are not created equally, some are really good but others are even better. Such is the case of R+Co Gemstone Color Shampoo and Conditioner. While not to say I’ll be washing my other hair products down the drain, these two formulas really rocked by mane. You might call them the LA Beauty Examiner flavor of the month.

The products are tailored to those of us who color our hair and help preserve and prolong the shade but more importantly, leave hair shiny and lustrous. After three weeks in Maui swimming in the salty sea and baking in the sun, my hair got really dry and brittle. I washed with my usual brand but even it, which heretofore I swore by, didn’t fix it. But one run with R+Co my mane sprung back.

It’s all in the ingredients

One would assume these products would get the job done since the shampoo and conditioner both contain hibiscus extract from Egypt, rice extract from Brazil, pea extract that preserves color and golden root from Sweden that combats thermal stress or dehydration.

For best results the company suggests applying Gemstone Color Shampoo to the middle of your hair and working it through from roots to ends. You should rinse that out and apply the conditioner using the same technique.

Gemstone products are available for $24 for the shampoo and $25 for the conditioner at or at a few select salons.

If you color your hair, you really should try these products but don’t throw out your old ones because you never know what works for one woman doesn’t necessarily works for another. What’s more you should always think about recycling any products you no longer want to use at a homeless shelter or the like. That’s what I do. Since beauty writers are provided with more stuff than we can use I often bring extra to my dentist or doctor’s office workers for the women, or to Crunch where I share my stash with the locker room attendants.

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