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R.A. The Rugged Man ‘Hip Hop writers desecrate the culture for a pay check'

When it comes to all things ‘Hip Hop,’ there a very few go to guys in the industry that will give it to you straight. That’s why when R.A The Rugged Man speaks, fans of music should listen. The ‘Legends Never Die’ emcee recently released an interview with Vlad TV on a snowy Tuesday evening.

Rappers in Paris
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While R.A. touched on quite a few subjects, he left his most scathing remarks for the Hip Hop writers that have no soul. In particular, R.A. The Rugged Man scolds Elliot Wilson on his way of doing business.

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In today’s age, you’ll rarely find a blogger that’s willing to create a story on a rapper without any buzz. R.A. relates Hip Hop writers to deejays nowadays. Back in the day, it was important for a deejay to break a record. It was cool to play something that nobody else had. Now the same goes for all the writers.

They are too busy studying YouTube views instead of studying talent and hard work. R.A. goes on to state that Elliot Wilson wasn’t “writing about Macklemore two years ago“, but now that it’s lucrative, everything is fair game.

R.A. The Rugged Man also gives some true Hip Hop heads some advice. He states that Hip Hop still exist today, but you have to search for it.

Vlad TV also asked R.A. The Rugged Man who his top five white rappers are. He states that he respects a lot of white rappers, but he’s not a fan of doing lists like that. The Rugged Man is more into the soul of an emcee, rather than the persona created by media marketing. Here is the entire interview with Vlad TV.

You can track R.A The Rugged Man's future tour dates in the Northeast. This includes an event at Amityville Music Hall on Feb. 6 and Bogies in Albany on Feb 7.


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