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Qustodio: An app for parental controls!

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Kids today are more connected than ever, and parents—well they’ve never been busier! Even the most determined moms and dads struggle to keep tabs on their kids’ online activities. With Qustodio, parents can monitor and manage how much time their youngsters are spending on the Web, which websites and social media networks they’re using, who they’re chatting with, and more. The application is quick to set up and gives parents instant peace of mind.

Free Features:

Multiple Platform and Device Management

The great thing about Qustodio is that it works on multiple platforms (Android, Kindle, Windows, iPod/iPad/iPhone, and MacOSX) and reports data on one family dashboard, meaning parents can see what their kids are doing on their PCs, smartphones, and tablets—all in one place. You can download it here.

Web Filtering

Qustodio is an excellent tool for web filtering and makes the job of protecting kids from harmful websites as simple as the click of a mouse. Several categories of websites are blocked by default such as pornography and violence, for example, but parents can add more categories and even enter urls to block specific websites.

Screen Time Scheduling:

Digital parenting can be hard work, especially when parents try to do it alone. With Qustodio, there’s no need to set timers or constantly nag kids about shutting off their devices. Parents can simply decide how much screen time is right for their families on a daily and/or weekly basis, and let Qustodio do the rest. When time’s up, parents are alerted and the device is either locked or Internet access is blocked, depending on the user’s preference.

Premium Features:

More Users and Devices

With Qustodio Premium, parents can monitor up to ten kids and ten different devices, making it a good choice for larger families or those with lots of gadgets. There’s also a less expensive option that is good for up to 5 kids/devices.

Advanced Facebook Monitoring:

The advanced Facebook monitoring feature is particularly useful because it plugs right into a child’s Facebook account, meaning it will monitor social networking activity from any device, not just those with Qustodio installed.

Translation: Parents can still see what their kids are doing on Facebook, even if they check it from a friend’s device.

What Qustodio Doesn’t Do:

Qustodio isn’t a spy tool. It doesn’t take surreptitious screen shots or report the content of text messages. Instead, it’s a communication tool to help parents better understand their children’s online activities and start the right conversations with them.

Bottom line: Qustodio is the ideal choice for busy parents who don’t want to stalk their kids online (or don’t have the time to!), but do want to keep them safe.


Other versions:


Personally, I've upgraded to Qustodio premium and installed Qustodio on three different devices, one more than the limit in the free version. I can control what my daughter is allowed to do on those devices - what apps she can use, what websites she can visit, what games she plays and for how long.


Personally, I've hooked this to three different apps, one more allowed. I can control what she sees, what sites she goes to, what games she plays and for how long.


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