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Quotes from the strip – Pro Stock: Auto Plus Raceway at Gainesville

Eddie Krawiec:"We've gotten a lot better over the winter"
NHRA Media

Pro Stock –

· Shane Gray on having a two-car team in 2014: “I really feel like this team has the potential to be as good as any two-car team. I think it’s going to be real good, especially when we get a little bit of momentum coming our way. We’re still learning everybody’s personalities, learning what the cars want and learning what the engines want. Once we get there, and as long as the Gray Motorsports drivers do their part, then we’re going to be dangerous. The more this new and improved Gray Motorsports team runs together, the better this whole deal is going to get. We know we’re not performing up to our potential just yet, but we’re getting closer.”

· Jonathan Gray on attempting to make his first Pro Stock race at Gainesville: "It's tons different than my old Comp car. There is a lot more going on. You have to think about throttle control a whole lot more, changing gears, keeping it straight. There is just a whole lot more to worry about in the Pro Stock car than the automatic car, that's for sure. It was a big sense of relief getting the first burnout out of the way. I know I can do it now, but we'll see. We'll see what happens. I'm as comfortable as I know how to be in the car right now, and I'm just going to keep chipping away at it, keep getting runs and getting more comfortable. Really and truly, not a whole lot excites me. I'm pretty even. But this does. This excites me."

Pro Stock Motorcycle –

· Eddie Krawiec on off-season preparations: “I think we've gotten a lot better over the winter, and we were able to work with the full combination of our new ideas. It appears that we have very consistent motorcycles, and we can now duplicate the set up from run to run, and really see the results of our tuning. I’m really itching to line up and pop the clutch on my V-Rod.”

· Hector Arana Jr. on Gainesville: “I set some pretty high standards last season in Gainesville for myself. I look to do the same again this year. It's a new season and I want to start it off like I did in 2013 with a win in Gainesville. Our goal as a team though is for one of us to win the race. Ultimately to have at least two of us end up in the finals would be ideal, and with all three of us being in the semifinals. We're going to try our best to qualify really well and hopefully end up first, second and third.”

Quotes in this piece provided by the NHRA.

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