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Quotes from the strip – Funny Car: 2014 Four-Wide Nationals, zMAX Dragway

Four-wide racing returns to the NHRA this weekend
Four-wide racing returns to the NHRA this weekend
NHRA Media

· Jack Beckman on his new team: "The expectations for our new team were to look good from the outset and start looking great in a short period of time. I see us headed in that direction. (New crew chief) Rob Flynn strikes me as a chess player; he's quiet, studious and digs his nose in the (data) books and goes over run after run. Not just our stuff, but he's been getting some data from our other Schumacher Funny Car teams. I see what he's doing. He's educating himself about our cars to be able to make educated decisions at the racetrack.”

· Robert Hight on running four-wide: “The staging procedure takes the most concentration at the Four-Wide Nationals. You have two extra Funny Cars you have to account for and you still need to follow your routine. You can’t catch yourself getting frustrated because someone else isn’t staging fast enough or someone stages too quickly because then you could be late on your light. I enjoy the challenge and I am looking forward to getting to zMax Dragway.”

· John Force on winning the first Four-Wide Nationals in 2010: “That was a fun race and to see Mike Neff right there outside my window the whole way down the track was pretty cool. I’d like to face Courtney or Robert in the final this weekend and mix it up. We want to go rounds and stay up there in points.”

· Courtney Force on running four-wide: “Four-wide is just different. As a driver you're competing against three other cars, but really racing yourself since you can't see if the other cars are struggling in their lanes or not. It's challenging as a driver because you're staging completely different and are looking at more lights on the tree so you really need to be 100% focused when pulling up to the line. It's a lot of extra horsepower on the track at once and just an exciting race for everyone.”

Quotes in this piece provided by John Force Racing and the NHRA.

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