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Quotes Create Serotonin and Dopamine Changes in the Brain

Scientists have long wondered how motivation and inspiration works. One of the most common ways that people become inspired and motivated is through different quotes, which may come from historic figures, writers, or political leaders. Wherever they come from, many of these quotes have a direct impact on the reader, which can create wholescale change.

The difference between an individual who is motivated and one that is not cannot be thought processes alone. In fact, hearing a motivational quote is able to increase the levels of certain neurotransmitters within the human brain to produce profound effects. Serotonin and dopamine are the two most important neurotransmitters when it comes to enhancing happiness and motivation, which are both altered by reading these types of motivational pieces.

Even though there are plenty of people who find no enhancement through reading the quotes, it is obvious that a certain connection in the human mind can create more of the neurotransmitters that it needs in a short period of time. Anyone interested in getting more successful and achieving the full potential needs to consider what kind of quotes make a difference in their life.

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