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Quote of the day December 23rd; commentary on kindness

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Random Acts of Kindness are good for everyones soul
Celebrate Christmas with Kindness


Everyone is fighting a hard battle, it's called life. Each of us has a struggle that we are dealing with on a daily basis, big or small, we all have something to battle. With each negative thought, unkind word, or unfriendly glance we give, or receive, let us remember this fact. Perhaps, it will be a reminder to each of us not to be so unkind to that stranger who only means well. Even if we assume they are "out to get us".

Life is short and while we are here we have a few choices that we can make on a daily basis. One of our choices is to be kind to one another. We can give encouraging friendly words to lift someones spirit's on what could be one of their darkest days, or we can do the opposite. We could instead choose to be hurtful and mean to someone we disagree with, not someone we know, just someone we disagree with.

Sometimes choices as simple as these can be hard to choose between. Especially when someone is encouraging the negative response. Hopefully, we can over come the urge to be unkind with the reminder that life is a struggle for everyone. 

There is also a saying, Be kind to strangers for they may be angels in disguise. Granted the angels won't be the people that are being mean, but the opportunity to be kind will be there for you to choose, will you take it?

There is a story of a young mom. This young mother tried to be happy, and giving of her time, with everyone. She wanted to make everyone happy. However, happiness in her own life was a struggle. She was helping her spouse, and father of her children, struggle with a mental illness. This struggle was a battle in her day to day life. On one of the toughest days she was put into a position where she became a hero and saved her husbands life. The day didn't end there peaches and smiles, she still had one of her child's school functions to attend, she couldn't bear to let her child down along with everything else that had happened during that day. This young mom rushed from the hospital to the school. Once inside, clearly distrott, another parent was outwardly rude, the young mom apologized for standing in this other parents view. The other parent didn't choose to be kind, instead she punched the young mom in the face. The young mom simply looked at the other woman and thanked her. Would the violent mother's reaction have been different had she known what struggles the young mom was dealing with? Does it matter either way?

Though this story is extreme, it is true. When we are choosing to take our frustrations out on others do we know what struggles they are dealing with? Wouldn't a kind word, a soft smile, or an understanding glance have suited the situation in a better way? If each of us chose to handle a situation in our own lives in a more Christ like manner imagine how beautiful the world we live in could be. Imagine how much happier we could be.


  • Jane 5 years ago

    Very good, Ms. Locascio. As always, you are spot on. It's better to give someone a smile rather than criticism. Most people are good at remembering that this time of year, but not all year. Anyway, thank you for the smile, encouragement, and wise words.

  • Carley 5 years ago

    Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that kindness matters even if we don't know it.

  • Julia Tidd (FW Christian Living) 5 years ago

    I agree. Sometimes it is hard to remember the world doesn't revolve around us. Most of the time, a look we think was nasty and intended for us has absolutely nothing to so with us.
    If our focus is on God... if we see others as God sees them, then we don't have this issue. Everything looks different.
    Although, I will definitely grant that it is very difficult to do sometimes.
    Thanks for the article, Jennifer.

  • Doug 5 years ago

    I think I know this young mother. She is the greatest! Keep the random kindness going, you will be rewarded for your actions.

  • Jane 5 years ago

    I came back and read your article again. Still it evokes a sadness of heart that a beautiful young mom should have to go through these trials. All people need to realize that others are struggling and they need to have kindness in their heart. Instead of punching the young mom, the woman should have chilled out. Hugs to you and your family Ms. Locascio. Thank you again!

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