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Quora has the answer to your questions

Question: What is it like to hug a penguin? There are many questions so now there is a question-and-answer website named, Quora, founded by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, two early employees at Facebook, highlighted in The New York Times Sunday Internet/Technology review section.

Begun in June 2010, it claims to have information on over 450,000 topics, almost all posted by its registered users. Unlike a news business, immediacy isn’t an issue, either. ‘Eighty percent of our views happen a month after an answer is written,’ says Adam D’Angelo.

Next year, Quora hopes to start a money-making business; Marc Bodnick, the company’s head of business and community, said Quora was likely to put ads with its answers. ‘The real value is in the 90 percent of questions that aren’t about what will happen next week,’ he said. ‘Our traffic is evergreen.’

‘Who are the likely 2016 Republican presidential candidates?’ and ‘Is Al Qaeda winning?’ Most of the questions have multiple answers, which other readers vote up or down. It is similar in genre to Linkedin groups set by a topic or association and then has Q & A on the group site within Linkedin. The difference is that Quora stores the Q & A by topic.

Answers with the most votes don’t always end up at the top of a list of answers to a question, presumably the place of truth; over 100 factors, including down votes and who is voting, affect the ranking. But the votes are what are visible, and they matter for the business of keeping people engaged.

It’s not just impossible to say how accurate the answers are; it may not really be an issue. The penguin question, for example, has two answers at its top with opposite conclusions. Their difference may be resolved this way: Hugging a penguin at Sea World is cute, and hugging a penguin in the wild is like asking for a mugging. There is no such distinction in the answers themselves, however.

‘If you answer one or two questions, we know 11 or 12 topics to put in front of you,’ Mr. Bodnick said. If you read in those topics, you are also more likely to vote, write comments on answers, or write an answer yourself.

Quora serves as such a strong forum for corporate communications since it allows for an evolving narrative, and lets users connect with and respond to real employees. Readers get to post the questions they actually want answered instead of relying on what the company will allow them to learn. You will find topics in boxes on the website so you can proceed to business or relationships and other topics to ask your questions and seek answers.

According to Facebook developer Jason Barrett Prado,'Working on Paper has been the best and most challenging experience of my career,' is how he answered the question, 'What is it like to develop Paper?' Paper is Facebook's newly released app that is receiving positive reviews.

More than 500 people including Facebook engineers have voted on Prado's answer and 30,000 people have viewed it.

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