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Quite important to find the right program for learning floral design lessons

For those who are planning to learn flower arrangements from now, it is highly recommended to pay special attention to the choice of program they should sign up for. Namely from person to person the purpose and goal for learning floral designs is different. If the purpose of learning flower arranging is just for fun as a hobby, they don’t have to make a big deal in selecting a program.

A variety of floral arrangements
California Flower Art Academy
bridal bouque
California Flower Art Academy

People who would like to earn skills of floral arranging just for hobby, all they have to do is just joining the entry level of program and then proceed to elementary course easy program in order to earn general floral arranging skills recommended for beginners. However if the purpose of learning floral design is doing floral business such as running a floral shop, working for a florist as a floral designer or offering wedding and funeral floral decorating services whatsoever, story is totally different.

When making a choice of program/course for business purpose, you had better explain to admission office about why you want to learn floral designs and what is your eventual goal. Depending upon your goal, school usually makes recommendation about the choice of program/course for that fits your requirement.

The point is to which direction you would like to go, earning flower arranging skills just for general purpose OR specifically for business purpose that requires a little bit higher level of skills. What is important you should bear in mind is no matter which way you go, for hobby or business, you need to earn basic skills without which you cannot expect to earn reasonable quality of skills.

Namely as far as the entry level and elementary programs are concerned, you are required to digest all the curriculum so that you can earn minimum required skill of floral designing regardless of your purpose and goal for learning floral art. Only after completing entry level and elementary course, you are supposed to proceed to the next level of program. When reaching this point you can make a decision about the choice of program for the next step. Namely for those who just want to earn general skills, intermediate course (if any) is recommended. On the other hand for those who need a skill for doing business, business oriented programs/courses specifically designed for wedding or funeral floral decorations are often recommended.

Since the floral decorations for weddings and funerals need somewhat different type of arrangements, people who learn only general and popular floral arrangements have lots of difficulties of making decorations for such events. For instance arch arrangements and chair decoration as well as pomanders are quite special designs specifically for weddings. Further, casket sprays and funeral cross arrangements are also unusual designs specifically arranged for funeral decorations. That is why they are recommended to join courses specifically designed for wedding or funeral decorations.

If you are interested in earning a decent floral design skill regardless of your goal, California Flower Art Academy can help. From a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS students can make a choice of their most favorite course by well considering their budget, taste and goal for learning floral arrangements. California Flower Art Academy has been teaching a variety of floral designs from European arrangements to Japanese traditional Ikebana, wedding to funeral decorations AND beginner to professional levels since 1990 as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan). You can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

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