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Quintine Perry: "...from fan to performer"


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Quintine Perry is not a new artist. Rather, he is a veteran artist who took time off from music...and then decided he had more than enough time off.

While in the military, he played in a pretty successful rock band.  But that was many, many years ago, and Perry says he made a conscious decision  to get out before he got caught up in the inevitable madness, i.e., drugs, groupies and various and sundry other types of drama.

Like many an R&B vocalist, he began his musical journey in church as a young boy.  "I found out I must have been  pretty good when they kept letting me lead songs" he recalls of his choir boy days.

Perry has been a fixture in local live jazz/R&B venues  for years, but he says for much of that time his role was that of an avid fan.  Often in the audience to cheer on his friends - Dallas' luminaries such as Liz Mikel (whom Perry credits with encouraging him to resume his singing career), Bernard Wright, Sandra Kaye,  Linny Nance and Candy Williams, he eventually gave in to the irresistible force, and one night at an Open Mic session he again took to the stage.

Quintine Perry''s vocal style is most comparable to that of a Will Downing; he has a rich  baritone that was made for jazz and 'quiet storm' soul, and he commands your attention from the very first note.  And, he is currently writing new material that he plans to release in a CD within the coming months.

Recently, he gave audiences a sneak peek - and tested the waters - with his ballad Delilah. The song, on which Perry collaborated with Linny Nance, was so well-received that it will likely inspire him to bring out even more of his new material.  Quintine Perry has kept his music to himself long enough.

Quintine Perry will perform at  Sandaga Jazz on Tuesday, December 15th and Tuesday, December 22nd.   Open mic begins at 8:00 p.m.

Sandaga Jazz is located at 1325 Levee Street, Dallas, Texas 75201.  For details, directions or other info, call Sandaga Jazz at 214.616.0802.


  • Maurice Perry 5 years ago

    WOW....I had no idea my elder brother was so talented....Very proud of him....I remember him being a very talented artist and portrait painter as a kid. He was very much in demand in those days for his art work....I am and have always been very proud of him.

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