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Quinn Eaker: From Garden of Eden to Libertarian Party

What does an easygoing alternative lifestyle guy do when his space is invaded by the establishment?

(L) The Equinest/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0; (R) Sylvar/Flickr/ Creative Commons 2.0
Quinn Eaker, LP candidate for Texas House District 96, appears in this screen capture and YouTube video from his LP State Convention interview. All three parts are here:
Quinn Eaker/YouTube

Simple; he invades the establishment in return.

On Sunday, June 22, the Tarrant County Libertarian Party is holding what might be called an open house or a meet-and-greet followed by an "organic eat" at The Garden of Eden in Kennedale, Texas to introduce Quinn Eaker, candidate for Texas House District 96.

But this story really begins nearly a year ago in a quiet, bucolic setting that some may have referred to back in the day as a hippie commune or what others may think of as a co-operative grow commons, but the residents simply call their small self-sufficient sustainable organic farming community "home."

On August 2, 2013 the compound was raided by armed SWAT forces after aerial surveillance and an undercover agent "saw" marijuana being cultivated, but after handcuffing the six adults who lived there and spending ten hours ripping the entire community apart they found only tomato plants.

Quinn Eaker, the "Adam" of this Garden of Eden, described the raiders as decked out in "bullet proof shields, assault rifles, side arms, helmets, the whole getup."

Tarrant County Libertarians called the action "a drug raid, thinly disguised as a response to zoning violations."

The SWAT team and the accompanying code compliance officers severely damaged crops by digging up, mowing down and confiscating blackberry bushes, okra plants, native grasses sunflowers and much more, and then fined the residents $3,600 for code violations.

The Dallas Libertarian Examiner article that described the incident at the time chose to concentrate on "The Great Tomato Raid" as yet another example of the burgeoning, and mindless, militarized police state run amok.

With its limited financial resources the community couldn't hire lawyers to fight the legal system. But Eaker turned to social media and the story of the raid went viral, resulting in a flood of news reports and video interviews.

At the 4:28 mark in Part 3 of his three-part interview video at the Libertarian Party of Texas State Convention in April Eaker explains how he met Allen Patterson and John Spivey of the LP and why he decided to join the LP and run as a candidate for political office.

Because of social media Eaker was awakened to a reality that other activists have already discovered: The price of justice is eternal publicity.

Complete information about the Meetup at the Garden of Eden is available at The Tarrant County Libertarian Meetup.

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