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Quik Shoppe #3/Shell Station/Trend Magazine Online

The Best Hole In The Wall?

By Jay Whipple/Trend Magazine

You will never find this eatery because it is such a secret that it does not have a name that could possibly be associated with dining or a restaurant. It is actually tucked away in a Shell quick shop located in the South End area of the Dilworth Community – Charlotte’s oldest neighborhood dating back to 1891. This community was also the first street car suburb of the Queen City, was very active during the textile industry boom, and was once home to two of the more than eighty gold mines that were located in and around Charlotte for nearly fifty years before the California Gold Rush -- in the late 1840’s. In addition, the quick stop is located diagonally across the street from Reverend Billy Graham’s former house of worship – today known as Grace Covenant Church.

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I found out about this place via word-of-mouth over 20 years ago and during my partying days. Yes, I did party like it was 1999 -- all the time! And those of you that still do party hardy are quite familiar with the phenomenon called the munchies that plague you after a long night of trying to find happiness in all the wrong places.

This place is open 24/7/365 and serves a home-cooked southern-style breakfast until late morning. I am talking about scrambled eggs, link and patty sausages, grits, bacon, liver mush, and even fried bologna. Yes, I said the hard-to-find southern delicacy that you will not find in chain stores because some folks consider it too ghetto or country -- bologna. In fact, this eatery is classified by some as a hole in the wall. To some that means stay away; to others, like myself, it means more food for those of us that have acquired the taste for a good ole’ fashioned home made country-style breakfast. By the way, they also serve country fried chicken legs, wings, and sliced taters for lunch. A two piece leg and three piece tater meal is only $3.78 with tax – as of April 2009.

This no-named eatery is located in the Shell quick stop at 1723 South Boulevard [Corner of South Blvd. and East Blvd.], Charlotte, NC, 28203. Their phone number is 704-333-0807. Tell them that Trend Magazine Online sent you!

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