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Quiet town of Glade Spings, Va., is scene of multiple murder scene

Glade Springs, Va., is a sleepy little town.
Glade Springs, Va., is a sleepy little town.
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The sleepy little town of Glade Springs, Va., was the scene of a murder suicide on Tuesday. According to a Feb. 25 report on, an ongoing domestic dispute resulted in the death of four people with another hospitalized from gunshot wounds.

Kevin Palmer, 44, killed his wife, Kristin Palmer, 46, his 17-year-old son Griffin Palmer, and his mother-in-law Nancy Griffin, 74, before killing himself. His father-in-law, former Emory and Henry College professor Dr. Terry Griffin, 75, survived the shooting.

Kristin Palmer, a long-time English teacher and drama coach at Virginia High School, had filed preliminary paperwork for a restraining order of family abuse on Monday which was supposed to prevent Kevin Palmer from having any contact with his wife, son, or his wife’s family. Kristin Palmer cited a long-term history of abuse directed toward her and their son. A hearing was scheduled on March 4.

This very sad event underscores the seriousness of domestic violence even in a small, rural town like Glade Springs, Va.