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Quicksilver's new light sport plane Sport S2SE approved by the FAA

Quicksilver's new light sport plane looking like a ultralight
Quicksilver's new light sport plane looking like a ultralight

An ultralight became a light sport plane: Quicksilver Aeronautics was informed by FAA that their audit to produce the Sport 2S model as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft has been satisfactorily concluded. The model will officially be known as the Sport L-S2S and marketed as the Sport S2SE.

“We are very pleased about this accomplishment,” said Quicksilver Aeronautics President, Will Escutia. “Daniel Perez, our chief of operations, did an outstanding job leading the team to this goal.” The company also retained an outside engineering firm, Streamline Design, which is a leading expert on the ASTM industry consensus standards that are used to gain Federal Aviation Administration acceptance.

The company president noted that the California company used “L-S2S” as the model name during the certification process. “We selected this name relatively early in the process in the understanding that we could market it with any other name we selected later.” For retail buyers and company dealers, the Sport 2S model now approved to be fully manufactured, the model will be called S2SE to be in line with their Fly-and-Enjoy concept for fully assembled planes and to differentiate it from the experimental kits the company will continue to manufacture and market. Other SLSA models are also in progress.

The FAA Aviation Safety Inspector Bob Franklin, working out of the agency’s Washington DC office wrote in an email, “The FAA accepts your corrective actions to the ... [audit] findings and now considers the audit closed. Quicksilver may now make application for Special Airworthiness in the Light-Sport category for the L-S2S.” Franklin clarified that his email served as “informal” notice and that Quicksilver can expect to receive a formal letter stating the same message in early May 2014. “Thank you again for your cooperation and professionalism,” closed Franklin in his email.

“We are prepared to swiftly put the Sport S2SE into production as a fully-built aircraft,” stated Escutia. As the company begins manufacturing of the Sport S2SE, Quicksilver has embarked on a new method for the LSA industry.