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Quickblade Paddles unveils convertible SUP – outrigger canoe paddle

This past week, industry leader Quickblade Paddles pulled the curtain back on a new convertible SUP – outrigger paddle. Designed for traveling or paddlers looking to streamline their quiver, the new Quickblade convertible SUP – outrigger paddle is sure to be a welcome addition for paddlers who frequently cross-train on both disciplines.

The three piece paddle arrives in a custom designed bag which unzips to display the tools of the paddling trade. The paddle’s shaft is cut at a 45 degree angle to prevent slipping and connected with the proprietary Quickblade Paddles Prolock Expansion Bushing. The pieces of the shaft are made to order depending on a paddler’s desired SUP and outrigger paddle length and preferred blade. Since the paddle is intended to serve the needs of the SUP and outrigger community, blades around the 100 square inch range, such as the new V-101 – my personal favorite when paddling outrigger – are most applicable.

I initially learned of Quickblade’s travel paddle concept last year during my first “official” meeting with Jim Terrell at Quickblade Paddles headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. Always innovating, Jim explained the inner workings of the Prolock Expansion Bushing while simultaneously sharing stories about the challenges of traveling by air with boards, canoes and related accoutrements. After a sprint canoeing career which spanned four Olympiads, he has learned a thing or two about a thing or two, aptly earning the moniker “The Mad Scientist”.

Quickblade Paddle’s V-Drive and Trifecta SUP paddles released to the market earlier this year marked the first evolution in SUP paddle blades since the sport’s rapid expansion into popular culture within the last decade. While the Trifecta’s attributes are specific to stand up paddling, the innovative curves and double dihedral of the V-Drive are poised to make their mark on the outrigger canoe industry as one of the first advances in blade design in decades.

See you on the water!

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