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Quickblade Paddles posts guidance on choosing the correct SUP blade size

SUP paddlers at the 2014 Lanakila Classic
SUP paddlers at the 2014 Lanakila Classic
MaxCat Productions

Yesterday afternoon, industry leader Quickblade Paddles posted a set of guidelines and tips to help consumers choose the correct blade size for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) paddles. The size and shape of your blade has a direct correlation to the performance of your paddle and by extension your experience on the water. There are a variety of variables to take into consideration, but the following factors will help narrow down the choices to place paddlers in the realm of where they likely should be to have the most efficient blade size.

According to Quickblade Paddles, the formula of: body weight (lbs.) + 200/4 will provide paddlers with a reliable approximation for their appropriate blade size. After establishing a baseline, additional factors to consider center around the type of paddling one will be doing.

Choose a larger blade size for:

  • Sprints
  • Unlimited boards
  • If you are strong for your weight
  • If you prefer to paddle at a lower cadence

Choose a smaller blade size for:

  • Exceptionally long races where joint fatigue becomes a significant factor
  • 12’6” boards
  • If you are not strong for your weight
  • If you are able to paddle at a higher cadence

See for additional tips and guidelines to enhance your paddling experience.

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