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Quick tips for washing hair - the right way

Hair-washing trips
Hair-washing trips

Whether you wash your hair every day or only once a week, have you ever wondered if there is a right way or a wrong way to do it? Probably not. But no worries! Here are some basic tips to neaten up those washing techniques for healthier, better-looking hair.

  1. Rinse. Be sure to thoroughly wet hair before adding shampoo. Warm-hot water opens the hair cuticle, which is good for removing dirt and other products.
  2. Condition First. If you have long hair (below the shoulders), use conditioner on the ends of hair first. This will help protect fragile ends from drying out and becoming damaged. Then rinse hair and use shampoo like usual.
  3. Don't Over-Lather. It may sound odd, but it is only necessary to lather hair at the scalp and nape of the neck. This allows you to wash the oiliest and dirtiest part of the hair at the scalp, while leaving the tips, which are oldest and driest, alone.
  4. Be Gentle. Friction can cause permanent damage to hair and its cuticles, which leads to breakage and frizz. So wash gently, please.
  5. Don't Rinse and Repeat. Avoid stripping your hair by only shampooing one time. Doing a second round is not necessary, so why waste the time and product?
  6. Conditioner. Never put conditioner on the roots of hair. The scalp is much more concentrated with natural oils and conditioning the scalp will only lead to greasy hair. Instead, only add conditioner from mid-length to tips.
  7. Finish with Cold Water. Finish rinsing hair with cold water; this will seal the cuticles of the hair to keep out unwanted dirt, etc. It also makes your hair reflect more light, which means it will be gorgeously shiny.
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