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Quick Tip For Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Your fans have been working hard all summer - keeping you cool and the air moving. Now that you've turned them off you can see all the dust they've collected. Cleaning a ceiling fan can be a big project that can create a huge mess. Here is a quick tip to help you dust the fan paddles and keep the items under the fan clean too!

Things you'll need:

Old pillowcase

Step ladder

Open the pillowcase and place it over the ceiling fan paddle. Pull it all the way to the center of the fan, completely covering the paddle. Press down firmly and pull the pillow case off the fan paddle - holding the dust inside the pillowcase. Repeat on each fan paddle. When the fan is clean you want to take the pillowcase outside, turn it inside out and shake out the dust. Then place the pillowcase in the washer.


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