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Quick snacks to refuel on the trail

Say you just finished a long skating session. You know it's important to refuel within an hour of your workout. But what should you eat?

Well, according to Dietitian Cassie a combination of protein, fat and carbs is your best bet to replenish your lost energy and stabilize your blood sugar levels as soon as possible. It's amazing what even a quick PFC snack can do to help your muscles repair and recover, with far less aches and pains than if you'd skipped it.

If you're close to your home and your kitchen, you have more options than if you're out and about for the day or at a trailhead in rural Minnesota. At home, you can whip up a hot meal or grab a few things from the fridge, but if you're spending a few hours on a trail at a state park you'll have to plan ahead a bit.

Here are a few quick semi-PFC snacks to toss in your car or gear bag before you hit the trails:

  • Trail mix with nuts (protein/fat), dried fruit (carbs) and chocolate chips (fat)
  • Apple or banana (carbs) with a nut butter like peanut or almond (protein) and string cheese (fat)
  • Hard boiled egg (protein), a handful of sugar snap peas or carrots (carbs) and nuts (fat/protein)

And don't forget your water!

With a little planning ahead, you can enjoy a long hard skate and refuel and repair your body while on the go.

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