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Quick reviews: ‘Shirin’ is lovely, and ‘Patrick’ is spooky fun

Here are two quick reviews of films that were released on March 14.

Posters for 'Shirin in Love' and 'Patrick: Evil Awakens'
Sideshow Releasing/Phase 4 Films

Shirin in Love

Shirin (Nazanin Boniadi) is an Iranian-American woman living in the “Tehrangles” in Los Angeles. She’s engaged to a successful plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, but she discovers that he is no longer the man with whom she’s in love. She meets William (Riley Smith), who lives in a lighthouse in Northern California. And even though it’s breaking her tradition, Shirin would rather be happy with her life than to follow the rules.

While it does fall under the generic, romantic comedy traps, “Shirin in Love” has a nice charm to it. The actors’ chemistry works just enough to make it watchable, despite some of the scenarios being repeated more than once. George Wallace has great moments as the city police officer, who always lets Shirin get away, and Boniadi is just a lot of fun to watch.

Grade: B

Patrick: Evil Awakens

A remake of the 1978 film, “Patrick,” a young nurse named Kathy (Sharni Vinson) arrives to her first day of work at an isolated psychiatry ward. Doctor Roget (Charles Dance) is experimenting on the comatose Patrick (Jackson Gallagher). But when Kathy is alone with Patrick, he shows that he can control things with telekinesis, and turns her life into a wild ride.

Patrick: Evil Awakens” is a psychological thriller that actually has some good jolts. While the film does drag in some spots, and becomes a little too silly in others, it still makes for a good, spooky thriller. Vinson is fantastic in her role, and Dance is an absolute blast to watch.

Grade: B

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