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Quick Lok Furniture

Quick Lok Furniture
Quick Lok FurnitureQuick Lok Furniture

No one likes putting together furniture. Here is the story Russell Justice and his crowdfunding project.

The number one question we here at Quick Lok Furniture get is, “In what market, or price range is this furniture going to be in?” The answer is simple, we want to get our products to EVERYONE, world wide and in every market. You can expect to see our products sitting in the big box stores at the same price as the “Other Guys,” as well and at the “higher” end stores. We will have the same basic particle wood pieces that you see everywhere, as well as USA hand crafted, solid wood pieces. We will NOT only market to one “group” of consumers. We will insure that EVERYONE has the chance to use our products. We may be selling our products, but the time we give back to families by making our products easier to use is FREE!

Quick Lok Furniture is the FIRST and ONLY DIY furniture company that offers the consumers the ability to put their furniture together without tools or hardware AND in a matter of minutes or seconds. Have you ever put together a bookshelf from a large department store? You dump out all the parts and hardware. You try and go through each piece and read the long directions that you must get through before you even start trying to build. Then your over- whelmed with all of the different size screws and other hardware. Oh did I forget the little Allen wrench you must use and the little tiny nails that hold on the almost paper like back of the bookshelf? After oh.... 45 minutes you finally have a "bookshelf." Each shelf of the bookshelf is held together by two little screws on each end. After a little use the middle of the shelves start to bend. And after a little while longer they break. With Quick Lok furniture, this will never be a problem. Simply because there are NO screws. There is no chance of our bookshelves ever sagging because each shelf has 100% contact with at least 3 sides AND instead of the paper like backs of the "others" bookshelves, our backs are made of solid wood and notched so that each shelf is inserted into the back. So for about the same price you can own a much sturdier and easier to build bookshelf.

What are the perks? Bookshelves, Your name on furniture designs, entire bedroom sets and more.

Here is where you can learn about the company

And here is the crowdfunding project: