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Quick hits: Women's Open Finals at the Canadian Nationals (16+ age division)

The second of two women's Open divisions is about to get underway in Charlottetown.
The second of two women's Open divisions is about to get underway in Charlottetown.
Courtesy of Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI, 8:18 a.m.: I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- if I were an NCAA coach, I would pay as close attention to the Open division (particularly this Open division) at the Canadian Championships as I would to the Junior and Senior divisions.

The Open division in Canada strongly resembles Level 10 in the U.S., and a fairly advanced level 10 at that. Several of these girls, like Jessica Dowling of Oakville Gymnastics, who is favored here, are basically elites competing at this level for one reason or another. Dowling's reason is that she'll be trying out for the Dutch National team next month at the Dutch Championships.

Rotation one:

Note: In this rotation the gymnasts did not always go in the order indicated on the start list. If I've made an error in these notes, please e-mail me or leave a comment and the error will be corrected.

Sarah Rosati, vault: Yuchenko layout with a step back. Not bad. Better push off the horse the second time, and better landing -- almost stuck.

Katerina Jirasek, bars: Straddle back, toe stalder, toe hecht to high...double twist dismount, puts knee down.

Julie Guindon, beam: Switch, scissone. Full turn with leg up. Bhs, back tuck, little steps but OK. Switch side. Side aerial. Side somie, little check. Front tuck full. Good routine, one I'll bet she's glad to have out of the way.

Erica Devereaux, floor: Double pike, excellent. Switch, Tourjete half. Double full to end. Nice routine.

Rochelle Bernier, vault: Full on, back tuck off, nearly stuck. Great looking vault.

Ariel Crawford, bars: Toe stalder to toe full...hecht to high, blind to front giants, half turn, full twist dismount with a small hop.

Paige Blaney, beam: Handstand mount. Front handspring to front somie, unqiue combo. Off on side aerial after hearing the bell. Nice full twisting front tuck dismount, stuck.

Natalie Gervais, floor: Double tuck, excellent. Switch side. Double full, hop back. Lovely lines and presentation -- will be great in the NCAA. Front layout full. Switch, switch side. Punch front to 1.5 twist. Very nice routine.

Melissa Fontaine, vault: Two FTYs, both very well done.

Lory-Jing Robert, bars: Hecht to high, toe stalder, blind to Jaeger, great! Bail, sole circle to high, full turn, double pike dismount with tiny hop. Great job.

Katie Geisler, beam: Off on front aerial. Roundoff, 1.5 dismount.

Lauren Gould, floor: Tourjete half. Front layout full. Switch, switch side. Switch side half. Layout half to front pike. Switch half. Wins the awart for most haunting and original music. 1.5 twist, hand down. Looked like one of her legs buckled a bit on that last pass...

Alexandra Vedenin, vault: Believe she did an FTY...

Viviane Malette, bars: Didn't see it.

Mackenzie Itcush, beam: Jump to scale. Front aerial, barely makes it and steps back quickly, but stays on. Wow. Switch, scissone. Bhs, layout, again not a lot of lift but fine. Switch ring, head back enough but I'm wondering if the leap will be credited. Back tuck. Gainer pike to excellent landing.

Emily Schultz, floor: Didn't see it.

Tenishia Tomlinson, vault: Handspring front pike, good height and distance away from the table, small step. Powerful vault. Same second vault, but comes in on the front of the horse and doesn't get the same height and sits down.

Nicola Deans, bars: Off on high bar after overbalancing a handstand.

Rachel Ebbett, beam: Off on flight series. Punch front. Side aerial. Full turn with leg up. Roundoff, 1.5 dismount.

Dayna Weststeyn, floor: Didn't see it. Scratch?

Anne-Sophie Csukassy, vault: Powerful FTY. Second vault is even better! She limps away from the horse a bit though, saying something to her coach about her heel.

Emily Bigras, bars: Jaeger, good. Double layout with small step.

Sydney McEachern, beam: Bhs, layout to two feet (a bit of leg form but well done). Side somie. Full turn, small check. Off on punch front. Scissone, wolf. Roundoff, 1.5. Athletically very powerful, but needs to work on her flexibility.

Katherine Slysz, floor: Didn't see it.

Alyssa Marohn, vault: FTY, small step forward.

Karensa Mitchell, bars: Jump to high, toe shoot to bail, toe stalder, toe hecht to high, Tkatchev, double pike with a step back. Nice routine. Karensa is hoping to get an NCAA scholarship, and has obviously worked hard on this routine.

Nikki Marion, beam: Didn't see it.

Keara MacDonald, floor: 1.5 with a big step forward. Keara competes with a big black leg brace on her right leg, indicating she's had some knee injury at one point. 1.5 (or punch front) to layout full, stuck, Switch, Tourjete. Handspring to front layout full, step back.

Jessica Dowling, vault: FTY, step back. Good form in the air. Second vault is same thing with much better landing, just a tiny hop. She's not a powerful gymnast by any means, but she does this very well.

Jennifer Chew, bars: Didn't see it.

Elizabeth Brochu, beam: Didn't see it.

Paulina Miller, floor: Full in tuck, overrotates and sits down. Double pike, underrotates and steps forward. Switch half. Punch front to full twist. Double tuck to good landing.

Rotation two:

Katherine Slysz, vault: Didn't see it.

Rochelle Bernier, bars: Hit routine. Great job! Beautiful form and swing through the whole routine. Would love to see her in the NCAA.

Ariel Crawford, beam: Didn't see it.

Paige Blaney, floor: Double tuck with a step back to open. Front layout. Punch front to 1.5 twist. Double turn. Switch half. Does a leap series in place of a last pass.

Keara MacDonald, vault: FTY? With a step to the side. I saw her warm up a Yurchenko layout...

Melissa Fontaine, bars: Jump to high. Pak. Half turn. Toe shoot to high. Giants to double pike, step back.

Lory-Jing Robert, beam: Off on side somie with legs straight. Side aerial. Full turn with leg up, a quarter overturned. Side somie. Stuck Gainer pike.

Katie Geisler, floor: Double tuck, lands too close to the edge of the mat and steps back and off the floor. 1.5 to punch front. Switch, Tourjete half. Dancing to "The Last of the Mohicans." Double pike to end, low and steps forward.

Paulina Miller, vault: Very good FTY, powerful and with a hop back.

Alexandra Vedenin, bars: Didn't see it.

Viviane Malette, beam: Didn't see it.

Mackenzie Itcush, floor: Double pike, well done. Good high double tuck. A piece of music that could be defined as "techno classic."

Erica Deveraux, vault: Tsuk pike. Same second vault, stuck.

Tenisha Tomlinson, bars: Hit routine with very nice full twisting double tuck dismount with a step.

Nicola Deans, beam: Fall on punch front. Falls again on bhs, back tuck. Switch side. Roundoff, double tuck with a hop. An athlete with a lot of potential and athletic ability, however...

Rachel Ebbett, floor: Double tuck, very good.

Natalie Gervais, vault: Didn't see it.

Anne-Sophie Csukassy, bars: Off on Tkatchev. Even her bars swing is powerful!

Emily Bigras, beam: Jump to scale. Switch, back pike. Front aerial. Side aerial, very good. Bhs, layout, bit of a check and leg comes up but she saves it. Side somie. Switch, wolf. Full twisting front layout.

Sydney McEachern, floor: Strong double pike to end.

Lauren Gould, vault: Didn't see it.

Alyssa Marohn, bars: Hecht mount, Tkatchev, good, clear hip blind to Jaeger, bail to clear hip to toe hecht to high, blind to double front with a step forward. Very nice routine!

Karensa Mitchell, beam: Hit routine! Lovely bhs, layout. Front aerial. Solid full turn with leg at head. Roundoff, 1.5 dismount with a step. Great calm presence throughout.

Nikki Marion, floor: Double pike to open. Spanish music. Double tuck, takes a fairly big step out. Switch, Tourjete half. Front handspring, front layout full, goes for the punch front but does not have the necessary bounce and sits it down.

Emily Schultz, vault: Didn't see it.

Jessica Dowling, bars: Oh boy, a hit routine with a double twisting double tuck dismount. That was a surprise...

Jennifer Chew, beam: Bhs, layout, check. Switch, back tuck. Side aerial, small check. Full turn, 1/4 overturned. Jumps. Switch side. Roundoff, double tuck.

Elizabeth Brochu, floor: Roundoff, double full. South American beat. Switch ring, switch wolf. Front layout, front layout full, nice. Punch front, cartwheel (was off on the punch front and legs nearly collapsed, could not tumble out of it).

Dayna Weststeyn, vault: Didn't see it.

Sarah Rosati, bars: Toe blind to Jaeger, nice. Bail to toe hecht to high, clear hip to giants to full twisting double tuck to her stomach. She's lucky she didn't hurt her arms on that fall.

Katerina Jirasek, beam: Didn't see it.

Julie Guindon, floor: Roundoff, double pike. Switch, switch side. Double turn. 1.5 to front layout, really nice. Stuck double full. A classy piece of music, for an orchaestra. Great finish as well. Nice routine!

Rotation three:

Nikki Marion, vault: Yuchenko layout with a couple steps back.

Keara MacDonald, bars: Fall (didn't see on what).

Alexandra Vedenin, beam: Lovely bhs, layout. Side aerial. Side aerial. Switch half. Great routine -- gets a hug and a kiss from coach Yelena Davydova when she comes off the mat.

Lory-Jing Robert, floor: Double pike, step back. Double turn with leg up, very nice. Double tuck with a shuffle back but well controlled. "Pirates of the Carribbean." Front layout, front layout half to a bounce straight in the air. Switch ring. Handspring to front layout half.

Elizabeth Brochu, vault: Handspring front tuck, STUCK. Really nice vault.

Paulina Miller, bars: Blind to front giants to front layout half dismount.

Tenishia Tomlinson, beam: Switch, back pike. Roundoff, double full dismount. Big hug with her coach, so I assume this was a hit routine.

Viviane Malette, floor: The music Shawn Johnson used in 2007 is popular here at the Canadian Championships!

Julie Guindon, vault: Two Tsuk pikes.

Erica Devereaux, bars: Didn't see it.

Anne-Sophie Csukassy, beam: Falls on either a punch front or a front aerial. Rest of the routine was clean. Front layout full dismount.

Nicola Deans, floor: Highest 2.5 twist ever! Punch front through to double tuck. "Mission Impossible." Easy double full. Awesome tumbling lines in that routine!

Paige Blaney, vault: Yurchenko layout.

Natalie Gervais, bars: Full turn on high bar, blind, half turn, giants, double tuck with a small hop. Nicely done.

Alyssa Marohn, beam: Onodi, nice. Bhs, layout. Switch, scissone. Roundoff cowboyed double tuck and overrotates and rolls out.

Emily Bigras, floor: Violins piece, fast. Double tuck. Double pike. Third pass ends in a front tuck.

Katie Geisler, vault: Didn't see it.

Lauren Gould, bars: Stops on high bar after hop change. Pak salto, well done, and the rest of the routine was clean.

Jessica Dowling, beam: Press mount. Attempts what looks like a double turn in sit position and gets through about one and a half turns before having to grab the beam, but doesn't let it freak her out. Front aerial. Bhs, layout. Double full to end, well done.

Karensa Mitchell, floor: Double pike, very nice. Layout half to front layout. Switch side. Tourjete half. Lovely attention to detail throughout this routine, and very nice leaps.

Mackenzie Itcush, vault: Didn't see it.

Emily Schultz, bars: Falls on Jaeger.

Sarah Rosati, beam: Split jump, wolf jump. Full turn with leg up. Bhs, layout to two feet, really well done. Switch, Gainer layout. Side somie. Illusion, good girl! This is a hard routine, and she is nailing it. Double full with a tiny hop. One of the NCAA coaches n the gallery watched this routine attentivelly.

Jennifer Chew, floor: Double pike, very nice. Wow -- cranks a triple twist. Punch front through to 1.5. Dancing to a playful tango piece.

Rachel Ebbett, vault: Didn't see it.

Dayna Weststeyn, bars: Sole circle to high, stalder, double tuck dismount.

Rochelle Bernier, beam: Bhs, layout, very nice. Side aerial. Comes off on something else, however. Roundoff, full twist dismount.

Katerina Jirasek, floor: Good Tourjete half to open. Double tuck, hop forward. 1.5 to front tuck with a hop.

Sydney McEachern, vault: FTY with a hop.

Katherine Slysz, bars: Didn't see it.

Melissa Fontaine, beam: Didn't see it.

Ariel Crawford, floor: "Last of the Mohicans". Sits down roundoff, double tuck. Switch, switch half. Punch front through to 1.5 twist. Double turn. Didn't see last pass, but she stood it up with a small step. Tourjete half.

Rotation four:

Jennifer Chew, vault: Two handspring front pikes, each with a step forward, but good height off the table each time.

Elizabeth Brochu, bars: Clean routine. Toe on front tuck dismount with a hop. Swings bars well, especially given how tall she is.

Paulina Miller, beam: Bhs, layout, a little bit of legs but very solid. Punch front, small check. Switch, wolf. Switch half. Side aerial, wobbles but saves it. Switch side. Front layout dismount.

Tenishia Tomlinson, floor: Very high double pike, steps OOB. Great double tuck to follow up. A piece of music often heard in the NCAA, very pounding beat -- Jock Jams, possibly? Switch, Tourjete half. Rudi. Didn't see the last pass, but she made it.

Katerina Jirasek, vault: Didn't see it.

Julie Guindon, bars: Hit routine.

Erica Devereaux, beam: Back tuck, back tuck combo, leg comes up but OK.

Anne-Sophie Csukassy, floor: Nice dance sequence to open. A good 15 seconds before she tumbles. Double pike. Double tuck. Punch front through to 1.5 twist. Very nice presentation, especially since she's obviously more of a power gymnast.

Ariel Crawford, vault: Tsuk pike. Tsuk layout second vault.

Paige Blaney, bars: Hit routine, but a layout dismount.

Natalie Gervais, beam: Front aerial, wonderful. Beautiful bhs, layout but falls. Comes off on something later in the routine as well. Roundoff, 1.5 twist.

Alyssa Marohn, floor: 1.5 to double full second pass. A great piece of music, one that really tells a story. Double turn. Switch side. Double tuck almost to her head, rolls forward out of it.

Lory-Jing Robert, vault: Yurchenko layout, step back.

Katie Geisler, bars: Didn't see her.

Lauren Gould, beam: Bhs, layout, good. Front aerial. Rather big wobble on the skill after. Switch half. Off on side aerial. Switch.

Jessica Dowling, floor: Tourjete half. Full in tuck, small hop, well done! Punch front through to double full, very good. Switch half. Competing a fairly heavy piece of music for such a slight girl, but she performs well. Double tuck, STUCK. Great performances all around for Dowling!

Vivianne Malette, vault: Handspring front tuck.

Mackenzie Itcush, bars: Clear hip to bail, toe hecht to high, blind to Markelov, very low. Double pike with a big step forward.

Emily Schultz, beam: Didn't see it.

Sarah Rosati, floor: Using Alicia Sacramone's 2006-2008 floor music...hand down on slightly underrotated 2.5 twist to open.

Nicola Deans, vault: FTY, hop back. Another FTY, bigger hop back but much better off the horse.

Rachel Ebbett, bars: Hit routine -- Jump to high, bail, toe stalder, toe hecht to high and a double pike dismount, I believe.

Dayna Weststeyn, beam: Didn't see it.

Rochelle Bernier, floor: Double tuck. Using the same floor music as current World floor champ Lauren Mitchell. 2a.5 twist to end, underrotated and takes a big cross step, but keeps it on her feet.

Emily Bigras, vault: Yurchenko layout.

Sydney McEachern, bars: Hit routine. Nice skills and decent swing. Highlight was her clear hip full on low bar, but she was very efficient all the way through this routine. Double pike dismount to end, with a step.

Katherine Slysz, beam: Didn't see it.

Melissa Fontaine, floor: Tourjete half. Punch front through to back tuck, excellent form. 1.5 twist. Switch, switch side. Fast paced techno piano piece, very elegant. Front layout full. Good clean double pike with a step back.

Karensa Mitchell, vault: Yurchenko layout, good landing.

Nikki Marion, bars: Another hit routine with a toe on front tuck dismount.

Keara MacDonald, beam: Front aerial, bhs. Switch, scissone. Side aerial. Layout dismount.

Alexandra Vedenin, floor: "Roxanne." Punch front, a little off, but through to successful 2.5 twist. Nice. Double tuck, step back on landing, a little inconvenienced by the extra mat on the floor as she moves into her dance. Double pike, well done. Nice routine.

Gymnastics Examiner Blythe Lawrence will be at the Canadian Championships this week in Charlottetown, PEI. Stay tuned for notes, quick hits from the competition floor, videos and interviews from the Canadian Championships all week, and/or follow The Gymnastics Examiner on Facebook or Twitter.


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