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Quick funny story

This morning the children were pests.  With the Magician back in school now the other 2 are not used to his getting up early and so they wake up when he does.  Which would be fine except that they don't go back to sleep.  Which means I don't get to go back to bed, which means that I'm grumbling around in the kitchen at 7:15 in the morning, making food for children who won't eat it.

And you know how it is that when you start your engine too quickly and don't give it a chance to sleep in... er, warm up... the engine tends to backfire a bit, right?  (Do you get the metaphor here or do I have to type in the blog that I farted?)

And then, immediately upon hearing wind my daughter shoves her face right up the crack of my pants, sniffs, and withdraws before I can say, "Goose" and announces, "Papa, yoe's butts stinky."  Which compels the Angel to stuff his face up my turkey and then laugh as if he'd just invented the fart joke.



You may recall my last post where-in I mused about education?  Well, just in time for school to start here is an article on Yahoo encouragingly titled, "9 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew." 

That pretty much says it all, I think.


  • Cosette 4 years ago

    Those are definitely your chitlins!!! Crazy like their papa.

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