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Quick fix for a broken tea infuser

Quick fix to a broken tea infuser

Enjoy a cup of your favorite loose tea even with a broken infuser.
Michelle Johnson

Did your tea infuser get broken? No worries you can still make a cup of your favorite loose tea as long as you have a napkin, paper towel, tissue, or cheesecloth.

Step one get a paper towel and place infuser in the center.

Step two wrap the tea infuser in a paper towel.

Step three hold paper towel on the top and steep in tea like usual.

The paper towel will catch all the loose tea leaves that would normally fall into your tea, so that you can enjoy your loose tea without the tea leaves. This quick fix is a life saver for the inconvenience of a broken tea infuser and the need for a cup of tea. No matter the time of day or infraction, you can still brew that perfect cup of tea.

Tea infuser Quick Fix Video Tutorial

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