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Quick first thoughts in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida: Amazing place

Some of my experiences in Diagon Alley.
Some of my experiences in Diagon Alley.
Barb Nefer

If you've been following my coverage over the last few days, you know I'm at the Diagon Alley media preview at Universal Orlando Resort. It's been an amazing week so far, and tonight (June 18), I had an opportunity to experience Diagon Alley myself for the very first time. Click the slideshow accompanying this article for some representative shots.

Obviously I'll have lots more coverage; this was written late in the night, but once the event is over, I'll go into much more detail. For now, you'll see photos of things like me heading for my first ride on the Hogwarts Express (I like the journey from Hogsmeade to London best), drinking Fishy Green Ale (quite good, with lots of cinnamon), holding the wand that chose me, and just generally having a great time. It all kicked off with an opening ceremony and an appearance by some of the stars before the brick wall let us in, thanks to Hagrid himself.

I didn't get a lot of photos because it was night and we were restricted on the camera size we could bring in, but I think this slideshow will at least whet your appetite. Look for plenty more coverage coming soon, as I'll be back in Diagon Alley tomorrow morning.

You'll find my previous Diagon Alley event article here, and more coverage of all the excitement here.