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Quick dumbbell workout

Dumbbell stationary lunges, both sides
Dumbbell stationary lunges, both sides

Who is short on time?

Dumbbell squat and press

Time remains the #1 excuse for not getting exercise done. How hard is it really to own just a few dumbbells and get in a quick workout like this?

The first thing in the morning is the best time to do it. You’ll start your day off feeling great just because all day long you will know you did something important for improving your health.

Here is a quick 5 exercise circuit dumbbell workout for you.

If you are finding these workouts:
1) Too challenging?
2) Too easy?
3) You like some of them but you have an injury that prevents you from doing part of the exercises?

Find out how you can have your own custom designed workouts!

Quick Dumbbell Workout: Do anywhere from 8-12 repetitions of each exercise without resting, and repeat 3-4 rounds.
DB Stationary lunges, both sides
DB Reverse fly
DB Squat and press
DB push-ups (add renegade rows for more challenge!)
DB deadlifts


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