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Quick Christian pop quizz: Do you really believe in God?

Pass through faith!
Pass through faith!The Light of Christ on Facebook

Do you really rely on an omnipotent God, or do you rely on your own talents and powers, and your own quasi-divinity?

In Isaiah 22:19-23, the Lord strips the king of his throne, replacing him with another due to his, and his people's, infidelity toward God, and their selfish self-reliance. Similarly, are we in danger (maybe, really a blessing?) of suffering the consequences of our own pride and self-reliance, all the while mouthing a false worship of Almighty God?

Do we really pray to God, believing, hoping, and trusting enough to be charitable, when everything seems bleak?

In Psalm 138:1-3, 6, 8, the psalmist assures us that God is always loving and faithful to those who humbly offer Him their self-sacrifice in earnest prayer. The question is, what is our first impulse in times of trouble? Is it humble, trusting prayer, or is it anger, fear, or despair? When the spit hits the fan, do we really trust in an omnipotent/Merciful God?

Do we really seek the Transcendent God, or do we try to conjure the magic of a self-defined God?

St. Paul, in Romans 11:33-36, boldly defines God as transcendent, unfathomable Mystery, revealed out of Love. When we are stressed, when we meet obstacles head on, when we are thwarted, when we fail or we are humiliated, do we blame God for His failure, or do we try to manipulate His Transcendent Wisdom?

Finally, do we really trust that Jesus is the Christ, and do we believe that He really left us a Way to heaven on earth?

In Matthew 16:13-20, Jesus gave the keys to bind and loose to the first 'Pope,' Cephas (rock in Aramaic), St. Peter. Do we as Catholics really appreciate the Apostolic gift of Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium, and Sacrament? Do we as Christians (yes, brother and sister Protest-ant) really understand Sacred taught us by the Apostles and their successors, or do we reinterpret it for our own convenience? Ultimately, do we take Jesus Christ at His Word?