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Quick body fix to fit swim wear can cause mental breakdowns

Michael Kor swim wear
Photo by Kevin Lee/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Summer is approaching and many women are working on shaping their figure to fit a favorite swim wear. Media commercials give ideas how to get a perfect figure, a quick body fix that could result in mental breakdowns.

“Research actually shows that spring and summer months are typically the time of year when eating disorders begin to crop up. And, it’s no wonder if you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve seen the celebrity magazines gearing us up for summer with cover stories about “Best and Worst Beach Bodies” and the like as we all prepare for summer swimsuit season. Do you know afflicting more women than breast cancer, eating disorders have the highest rate of mortality of all mental illnesses?”

Jennifer Lombardi, Executive Director of Eating Recovery Center of California, offers 5 ways to love yourself when the media influences you to be your harshest critic:

Change your self-talk: Many of us are guilty of “Fat Talk”—Fat Talk is when females engage in denigrating conversation about their bodies. When women say to each other: “My arms are big,” or “I’m huge,” or “My legs are fat,” these words exaggerate the meaning of weight loss and can lead to serious consequences for individuals prone to eating disorders. America’s obsession with thinness is what continues to drive this conversation and it’s an important issue women are dealing with every day.

Take care of yourself first and invest your time to doing things that bring out the best and healthiest version of you such as starting up a new exercise routine or class and taking on healthier eating habits. Just take some alone time away from the kids to reboot yourself.

Your inner-self is equally as important! Nurture your soul by doing the little things like taking a walk to just enjoy the scenery, try a new art class with friends, or even treat yourself to a spa day to make sure your mind is equally well taken care of.

Quiet the perfectionist in you. Be happy with yourself just the way you are. We often get caught up in what weight we want to be at and what size we want to shrink down to, but that can often lead to a long period of unhappiness! Enjoy the adventure and don’t center your happiness on your weight goals.

Separate your self-worth from the scale! Don’t let that number determine how you feel about yourself each day. Make sure to appreciate yourself regardless of what the scale reads.

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