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Quick beauty fixes

Make your beauty look flawless!
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain

Stylish women spend time on working, parenting, and getting things done. But even the most fashionable have beauty secrets they use to fix common problems. Everything from tired eyes to missing lipstick has a solution. Here are some ways you can get beautiful quickly.

Missing Lipstick-A glance in the mirror reveals that you're lipstick hasn't made it to lunchtime! Time to invest in a lipstick that last through the day. Try Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in a color that you will enjoy.

Makeup Fade-away-If you are going to dinner after work and you find yourself needing to completely reapply your makeup, there is another option. The next time you apply your makeup use a makeup fixing spray once you are done. This will extend your wear day of your makeup and even save you some time and money.

Tired Eyes-If you suffer from lack of sleep or strain your eyes looking at a computer screen all day, you may find yourself with bags under you eyes. Try Olay Total Effects 7 in 1anti aging eye cream to begin to remove puffiness and signs of fatigue.

Dryness-Change in weather, hormones, and a variety of other problems may cause dryness. Even though there are many products on the market, you may try Raw Shea Butter. This is a natural fix you can get at a health food store, and you can use it all over your body.

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