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Quick and easy tips to help you start saving

Whether it is to stretch your hard earned cash further, get out of debt or put some away for a rainy day, here are a few easy tips to begin saving money.

Leftovers make great lunches.
Leftovers make great lunches.
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Every penny adds up when you are trying to save money.
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  1. When going on a small day trip or while running errands, consider packing a lunch or healthy snacks and water. Instead of looking for a place to eat, choosing perhaps less than healthy options, plus paying a high price, you can stop at a park, have your picnic lunch and enjoy yourself.
  2. Buy staples that do not expire in bulk, to save both money and time. Time (and gasoline) is wasted running to the store for one item that usually turns into several items. Think of the cash saved and peace of mind knowing you have extras set aside that were purchased on sale.
  3. Make a list, but be aware of surprise sales on items your family eats and then stock up. By going through the sales circulars you can choose items on sale and build your weekly menus around them. If cereal is on sale, buy an extra box or two. If there is a great deal on beef, buy extra and stash in your freezer. By doing this you will build up a stockpile and if an unexpected bill shows up, you have food to eat.
  4. Plan on using leftovers for lunch the next day, or reinvent for something totally new. For example, beef roast cooked in a crock pot can be transformed into shredded beef for sandwiches or with an additional ingredient can become beef barley soup.
  5. Pack a cold lunch for kids and adults, and watch the savings grow. This is much healthier than running for a fast food lunch and will be much more cost effective.

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