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Questions to ponder for a better life


What is it that makes you happy?  Gardening when the sun pays you a visit?  Being inside when the rain is falling en masse?  Curling up next to a warm fire when quarter-sized snowflakes are coating your front yard? The look on your puppy's face when it's running down the street with his tongue flapping in the wind? The gentle vibration of your kitty's purr as you pet it to sleep? The look on your boss's face when you get promoted above them?

Think about what makes you happy, and you are more likely to find happiness.  Even if you hardly ever get to experience your priceless moment, it motivates you through those lesser moments and feels better than the thoughts of where your life is lacking.

What is it about music that speaks to you?  Does it help you dream? Does it help your mood?  Does it release tension?  Does it distract you from thinking too much?  Does it help you perform?  Does it tell a story?

Music can bring us out of the worst moods and accent the best moments. It is able to calm the nervous system and also stimulate it.  It has been used to express love and wage war.  It can be used to express the inexpressible.

If you don't listen to music much, what is it about silence that attracts you? What do you find in your silence?  Where does it take you?  

Silence is a place where our true selves have a moment to speak.  

What have you created today?  Was it your breakfast? Dinner? A beautiful painting?  An edition to your new home?  A song expressing your deeper self?  A moment with a friend?  A new patch in your garden?  A romantic evening?  Time alone?   

Many agree that creative lives are happy lives.  Creativity is not only expressed through painting or writing music, it can show itself within any activity.


What's your favorite activity?  Why do you do it?  Is it physically challenging? Is it simply just fun?  Does it make you feel good?  Does it help you forget?  Does it connect you with something outside of yourself? Does it allow you to create?  Does it bring you to the present moment?

Please feel free to answer any of these questions within the comment section below.

For the information behind these questions:  check out authors Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Osho, Daniel Levitin, and Dr. John Ratey, MD. 
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  • Jan Schindler 5 years ago

    wow, lots of good questions. As you know, being in my garden makes me happy as well as visits from my wonderful children......and of course painting......

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