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Questions to ask yourself before becoming self-employed

Obama working in his home office
Obama working in his home office
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Sitting in your cubicle you stare blankly at your screen waiting for lunch break, then you realize you just got to work. “Thank God for mid-morning breaks,” you whisper to yourself. You remember the coffee commercial, the one where the pajama dressed woman with the messy hair is sipping coffee as she strolls lazily to her “office”. Being your own boss seems like a dream come true.

The commercial doesn’t show the children knocking on your office door every twenty minutes asking for things only mommy can do, like get them a drink. The postman drops off boxes, a mess unfolds in the living room, your mother stops in for coffee and the dog is eating out of the garbage, again. Needless to say, it’s not always as calm and peaceful as it looks.

If you still dream of working from home, there are few things you should know before you start down that road. To get started ask yourself a few simple questions, write down complete answers and then go through it with some of your friends, to keep you honest, then go from there. Here are some simple questions to ask yourself;

1. Do I have the skills needed to run my own business?
2. Where will my office be?
3. Do I have the discipline to set my own hours and stick to them?
4. Do I have the financial stability to be able to maintain until my business takes off?
5. Do I have the sales skills to market my business?
6. Do I have the sales

In depth answers to these questions are critical prior to starting your business plan. Working for someone else means maintaining someone else’s standards. No one sets higher standards for us then ourselves.

Good Luck

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