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Questions to ask before leasing a luxury apartment

Short term leases can be a good idea for some people, but a bad for idea for others. In order to figure out if renting a luxury apartment in the short term is right for you, ask yourself these questions.

  1. What are my long term plans in this area? If you’re not sure where you’ll be working, who you’ll be living with, or even what you’ll be doing a year from now, a short term lease is definitely for you. A short term lease will typically only lock you into an apartment for a few months, giving you a guaranteed place to live but also the flexibility to move without any hassles if your circumstances change. If you decide later on to make a particular area your permanent home, it is easy to convert a short term lease into a long term lease.

  2. What am I looking for in an apartment? Do you just want a place to sleep, or do you need a space that is multi-functional? Many higher end apartments are more than a kitchen and a bed. These properties have swimming pools, social clubs, athletic and gym facilities, and concierge services. If you’re new or not familiar to the area you’re living in, a higher end apartment building might help you to make new friends or at the very least it can help you to find a good restaurant. While these services and features might cost a little more, a lot of people feel that the money is well spent because their quality of life improves so much. With a short-term lease, you’ll be able to try out a lot of these features and learn the area quickly.

  3. What aspects of luxury apartments do I like the most? When looking at apartments, think carefully about what you see and what you like. Some people might love the previously listed amenities that these properties offer, while others like the internal features of the properties. People who entertain frequently might like having an onsite bar and larger rooms. People who work from home may appreciate extra soundproofing and free wi-fi service. As you look at apartments, make a list of features you think you have to have and the features that you would like to have. Then, narrow down your list of possible apartments using this features list. With a short-term lease, don’t be worried about making a mistake. You can always find a new place when your lease is up.

  4. Where do I want to live? Finally, think about the location of your apartment. If you’re new to an area, it may be worth it to live close to where you work. Having a short commute can give you a lot more time for yourself, and many people find that the extra money they spend on where they live is made up by the money they save on transportation costs.

Be sure to look at several places, but don’t be afraid to try a new property if you decide on a short term lease.

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