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Questions in the death of Mike Cinqmars remain unanswered


Mike Cinqmars at the X-Games

In an update on the tragic and untimely death of 31 year old Mike Cinqmars, it seems the autopsy results have come back as inconclusive. On the morning of Friday, December 11th, Cinqmars’ sister, Cassey Fisher, found him unconscious in his home. He was rushed to the St. Mary Medical Center in Apple Valley, California where he was pronounced dead. Due to the inconclusive autopsy, Coroner’s officials are ordering a toxicology screening.

Cinqmars was most famous for his silver medal at the 1999 X Games Freestyle Competition beating out Metal Mulisha’s, Brian Deegan. In 2001, he suffered a career crushing injury when he broke his back filming his own movie 35/01. Falling from his bike at a staggering 35 feet, he was unable to ride from that point and according to his sister became depressed as a result.  “There was nothing he could do in the industry. He couldn’t ride again and he was struggling and he was down and out. He struggled with the fact that he was this rising star and suddenly he couldn’t ride anymore,” his sister said to the Victorville Daily Press.

Due to his back injury Cinqmars did take prescription painkillers but his family was unaware of conversations he had with his doctors. Spokeswoman Sandy Fatland has said that the chief medical examiner for the San Bernadino County Coroner’s Office has requested medical records from his personal physician. On Thursday afternoon, he was taken to the hospital by family members, after he lost consciousness but doctors released him after running unspecified tests. The doctors theorized that some of his prescriptions were incompatible.

Regardless of what toxicology results may reveal, there is no question that the motocross world has lost one of the greats. Mike “Cinq” Cinqmars was a talent and an innovator of the industry. He was a beloved member of his family and will no doubt be missed by friends and fans alike. His sister said, “We were the best of friends growing up. He taught my sons how to ride a motorcycle and was like their second father. We were very close. Our family was very close.”

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, December 11th ,at 11 am at the Sunset Hills Memorial Park.

Godspeed Mike


  • sarahjane sacapano 5 years ago

    michael i will miss you with all of my heart i am now left with your beautiful face and personal memories we shared. i normally have always stay in contact with mike on regularly basis but as the world turns and life changes contact has been seperated unfortuaitely mike was my first kiss/ boyfriend/love from jr. high through high some high school... i am praying 4 your family michael and if only i could of been there 4 u this time! i will always love you love always sarahj. s

  • Walker 5 years ago

    Cinq the real people who know you & really went to high school with you know who you really were. You will forever be with us, and will forever be in our heartS! Your with the angles now & your pain free. You were great and were always a good friend!! Your family is in my prayers!! May all the HATERS GO TO HELL!!

  • Drew D. 5 years ago

    Me and Cinq were in P.E. together. I used to joke with him about his riding all the time. After he got big, he always had respect for me and said what up anytime I saw the dude. Stand up guy. F oxycontin if thats what did it man. There are too many people who like that ish or need it or whatever and it gets out of control. Maybe this will be a wake up call for everyone else. RIP cinq

  • cheet811 5 years ago

    RIP Mike.I did not know Mike but i always followed his riding and always put picyures of him up in my shop.The MX world lost a very good person and rider.Im so sick of all the negative stuff people are sayin about him and the pain pills!People let it go and let him rest in peace!you haters are so F ed up!! My prayers are with his family!Godspeed CINQ!!!

  • Tuite 5 years ago

    It was great to see you become what we did together for Fun as kids. Thanks for all the great memories. RIP Mike


  • fatboy eric 5 years ago

    i miss you brother

  • TRIGGER GUMM 5 years ago

    RIP`CINQ I recently went on the gummball 3000 with mike. It was a race across america. I was so stoked to see cinq at the sign ups. we hung out for the next ten days together. He was a so f#*#*ing funny on the trip. well to say the least we had a blast hanging out agin. He past me on the open road going over 200 mph with a camera stripped to his helmet. The kid was fun. I've ben on a bunch of trips over the years. probably one of his first road trips with 1000 mile jump in mexico. And the last one the gummball3000. I'm going to miss you brother. TO all his friends and family mike cinqmars is in the daredevil hall of fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right next to evel knievel.

  • cinq fan 5 years ago

    Im so dissapointed that this guy did not get enough recognition after he crashed(broken back),its like no one wanted to know him anymore,this guy set the benchmark in my eyes of what can be done on a motorcross bike,and best of all he had unbelievable skill,r.i.p cinq from a huge fan in Australia..

  • ape99 4 years ago

    did they ever find out what the autopsy said???

  • BaRaToFmX 4 years ago

    R.I.P. Cinq!! We're missing u here...
    Did they find the cause of his death??

  • Raven Payment 4 years ago

    Thanks for all the comments and stories about Mike! Judging from all of the feedback, he is definitely missed.

    As for any conclusive answers as to why he passed away I'm afraid there aren't any. From what I understand his family has asked to respect their privacy and have also asked that the official results not be revealed to the public.

    The best we can all do is remember him for his amazing life and talent.

    RIP Mike

  • Bill 2 years ago

    Mike Cinqmars was a great rider. He is on my Throttle Junkies video. We miss him dearly. Godspeed mike.

  • Bill 2 years ago

    Mike Cinqmars will be missed dearly. My prayers go to his family and friends. He was a super person.

  • Floyd 1 year ago

    One of the baddest dudes I've ever seen on a bike! Great guy and nothing but a mentor in the nation of fmx...he will definitely be missed! RIP Cinq

  • David Martin 1 year ago

    R.I.P. brother knew mike through Terrance and lex Malan. And the times seeing and hanging out we're some of the best! You were a great rider and I pioneer for the greatest sport around. You will be miss by many and forgotten by none! When you here thunder that's just mike ridin in the heavens.

    David Martin

  • Sam 1 year ago

    RIP cinq, definitely a bad ass of the sport and my favourite rider.. see you one day man