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Questions grow over gun range’s relationship with UN-supporting Armatix

The Washington Post defended its earlier reports that the Armatix iP1 personalized gun had been offered for sale at Southern California’s Oak Tree Gun Club. Two articles by reporter Michael S. Rosenwald were published Thursday. One offered extensive in-context quotes and photographs showing the so-called “smart gun” enjoyed a high-profile presence at the shooting complex prior to facility management denying the gun was being sold there following a “furious backlash” from gun owners.

Armatix USA President and CEO Belinda Padilla pledged cooperation with the UN’s global “gun control” efforts.
armatixgmbh (YouTube video screenshot)

The Oak Tree disavowal, including a clarification update on their relationship with Armatix, was published by Gun Rights Examiner on February 27. The explanation given resulted in skeptical protests from comment posters offering personal observations about the situation that led not only to discovery of an Armatix Federal Firearms License sharing the Oak Tree address, but a photograph purportedly of Armatix USA President and CEO Belinda Padilla at “a bay at Oak Tree.” That comment came with the additional notation that she “was pushing for smart gun tech with the UN arms treaty bringing it to the U.S.”

The first observation tracks both with the Armatix profile portrait of Ms. Padilla, as well as with photographs posted in the above-linked Washington Post article. It was further corroborated by an Oak Tree customer who spoke with this columnist in a telephone call earlier this week, and who alleged that a trailer with an Armatix banner was present on the Oak Tree property over the past summer. In the interests of fairness, Oak Tree management has been asked for comments regarding Mr. Rosenwald’s latest reports, and this column has been told a statement will be forthcoming. Any response received will be reported in total.

The second observation is confirmed by Ms. Padilla’s appearance before a UN panel, admitting the company’s shared goals with global disarmament efforts (see video player embedded in this column). Per the radically anti-gun International Action Network on Small Arms:

The presentation of Belinda Padilla of Armatix GmbH was facilitated by IANSA, however her views do not reflect those of that organization. Padilla states that Armatix shares the concerns of limiting the illegal proliferation of SALW and is supportive of the development of robust and effective measures to prevent misuse of SALW, such as the ITI. Padilla reports that her industry has nothing to fear from increased controls on SALW and recognizes that it has a clear role to play in increasing the security and safety of SALW and prevention of misuse or diversion to the illegal market. Armatix is a leader in smart technologies that will make weapons safer, such as wireless digital locking and other security systems, personalized technologies and GPS.

To put the outrageous irony of a gun company aligning itself in any way with the goals of IANSA in perspective, the group’s former director Rebecca Peters (also a former George Soros protégé) reportedly resigned over “concerns that her high visibility and outspoken advocacy to radically decrease private gun ownership worldwide were undermining the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty process.” Peters has demanded a global ban on “rifles that ... can kill someone at 100 meters distance...” and claimed “single-shot rifles and shotguns” are all anyone needs to go hunting. When asked about laws in the UK effectively ending training and competition in sporting events with modern rifles and handguns, Peters’ callous response was “So get another hobby.”

In a related development, this column has been following up on what should be a larger concern for gun owners, and that is how the Armatix pistol made it on to California’s “safe handgun roster” without incorporating microstamping technology months after the state certified it was a requirement for all new semi-automatic handguns listed. The California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms has so far not responded to this column's written inquiry, leading to the fair conclusion that they have no intention of doing so if not compelled. Anticipating that, Gun Rights Examiner has obtained summary testing documentation and arranged for legal assistance in creating a California Public Records Act Request, which will be shared in a later column when finalized.

Also see: “Backlash against gun shop shows gun owners smarter than 'smart gun' pushers” by St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner Kurt Hofmann.


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