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Questions from Readers Part 5

Q: I had a chart calculated recently and although most of the symbols I recognized there was one I didn’t. It looked like this: Does that stand for a planet or asteroid?

A: No, that is the symbol for a very popular Arabic Part called “Part of Fortune.” Many astrologers calculate the formula and place the value in a person’s Natal Chart. If you go back to my article “Review Questions” from September 2013, where I explained midpoints, how Arabic Parts were used in the ancient world and how they are used in modern times.

Q: You mentioned to keep three things in mind: Sun in sign/house, Moon in sign/house and Rising Sign when researching my natal chart. When I read the horoscopes in the newspaper or online, should I read the sign my Ascendant is in as well?

A: Yes. Not only should you read your Sun & Rising signs, but if you know your overall sign (remember the Triplicities and Quadruplicities), you should read the three capsules to get a better idea of how your day will be. Remember there may be contradictions and be sure to pay attention to anything repeated, that might be a source of concern.

Q: Two questions: What is a VOC Moon? I was told not to start anything new on VOC days. Is there a website where I can check by month?

VOC Moon stands for Void of Course Moon. It occurs on the days when the Moon exits one sign, enters another and plans don’t go as we anticipated. It can happen every two days — more or less. The traditional astrologers would give an example for VOC, if you have surgery done on a Void of Course day, it will be more than likely that you will need even more surgery after this. I would rather re-schedule any procedures to a day where the Moon is not going into another sign, but let’s be real, if you need emergency surgery, don’t put it off. However, if it’s a minor procedure, see if you can reschedule it to a day when the Moon is not about to change course. My favorite layman’s site for the V/C Moon is Café Astrology. Here’s the link:

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