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Questions for candidates in upcoming senatorial debate

The Indianapolis Tea Party is hosting a debate this Saturday for all five republican senatorial candidates.  The winner of the May 4th primary is all but guaranteed to defeat Brad Ellsworth this November to put another republican in Congress. 

Here's the thing; we want to make sure it is a smart, dedicated and FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE republican.

So, I have been asked to help write questions for the candidates.  I have several things I want to see discussed and addressed.

I want to know what you think. 

Please post in the comments section any questions you want to see addressed.  They can be general questions or questions for specific candidates.

Even if you are not from Indiana, feel free to post.  This new senator will make decisions that will affect all of you.

Please be reasonable and mention where you are from when you post the question.

Oh, and stay away from the health care bill.  We all know it is terrible and should be repealed.  It has already been talked to death and we do not want to waste time on it in this upcoming debate. 

I know it is short notice, but we only have until noon on the 21st of April to start our final determinations.  Please respond soon!

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